Fan Coil FCU Unit Installation Method Statement

Below is a precise method statement for fan coil unit FCU installation for any kind of project.

Project manager is overall responsible for the implementation of this method and all applicable standards, specifications and manufacturer instructions for the FCU installation.

Site engineer/ supervisor shall make sure that all necessary documentation work is approved, shop drawings/ detail drawings / coordination drawings are available.

Make sure the FCU from warehouse is released in accordance with installation schedule by verifying size, capacity, orientation etc.

Also make sure that the area for FCU installation is complete with all respects and other relevant services i.e. cables/wire/pipes/ducts are installed and clearance is given by the consultant /client for fan coil unit installation.

Proper safety harness to be used as per the site conditions while working at height.

Mandatory personnel protective equipment PPE as per project HSE plan to be used all the time while working on the site for FCU installation.

Housekeeping at the installation site shall be well maintained at all the time, cut materials and debris shall be removed on daily basis.

Arrange below mentioned tools/equipment before starting the fan coil installation works.

  • PPE as per site conditions
  • Measuring Tape
  • Setting out Markers
  • Electric Drill Machine
  • Hack saw Cutter
  • Duct man’s tool box
  • Step Ladder / Scaffolding
  • Lifting Equipment / FCU or Duct Lifter / Chain Block

Method Of FCU Installation

Transfer the FCU’s from the stores to the working area, taking into account the make, model, capacity, and tag number, this will ensure the correct FCU is installed at the correct location.

Mark the location of hangers/supports.

Make the holes in order to install the supports/hangers for fan coil installation, fix the hangers and supports as per approved detailed drawings.

Suspend fan coil units from the structure with elastomeric hangers.

Vibration isolators to be provided as per specified in the relevant specifications “Vibration” and Seismic Controls for HVAC Piping and Equipment.”Fan Coil FCU Unit Installation Method Statement

Lift and place the FCU in final location by means of Lifter, chain block or by personnel (depending on weight, size and location).

Verify the locations of the thermostats and other exposed control sensors with approved drawing and room details before installation.

Arrange the complete installation of FCU and accessories according to the approved shop drawing, making sure that the units are correctly oriented, with sufficient access / space for operation and maintenance purposes.

Ensure all the vibration isolators are installed as per the approved drawings and or the manufacture’s recommendations.

Install fan coil units level, plumb and in line with structures and finally tighten all the supports/fixtures.

Install the devices at heights approved by the architect engineer.

Electrical engineer/supervisor shall ensure that installation of field wiring, control wiring and earthing of the equipment.

Tighten all the electrical connections and terminals to the recommended torque.

Attached / fix identification labels/tags on the equipment once the installation is complete.

During and after the installation keep the fan coil units neat and clean from any kind of debris.

After the FCU unit have been successfully inspected/approved clean and cover with polythene sheet to secure & protect the unit from moisture and dust ingress until units are available for commissioning.

Piping / Duct Connections

Connect the ductwork to the unit cabinet using flexible connections of full size of the equipment and ductwork connections to avoid the transfer of vibration into the building structures as specified.

Make chilled water connections in accordance with the piping specifications / requirements.

Detail drawings indicate the general arrangement of the piping, fittings, and specialties, connect the piping as per the actual site conditions.

Install piping adjacent to the machine to allow service and maintenance.

Connect piping to fan coil unit factory hydronic piping package, install piping package if shipped loose i.e. not fitted.

Connect condensate drain to indirect waste pipe. Install condensate trap of adequate depth to seal against the pressure of fan.

Install cleanouts in piping at changes in direction.

Connect wiring as per the specification requirements for “Low – Voltage Electrical Power Conductors  and Cables.”

Ground the fan coil unit in compliance with the specifications for “Grounding and Bonding for Electrical System.”

Inspection & Testing

Ensure that a factory/manufacturer authorized service representative will inspect, test and adjust field assembled components and equipment including connections, and he will also assist in field testing.

Report results in writing and submit to the consultant.

Perform following field test and inspections and prepare test reports.

Operational Test: After electrical circuitry has been energized, start FCU units to confirm proper motor rotation and unit operation.

Test and adjust controls and safety devices.

Remove and replace any defective/damages control devices.

Inspection Checklist for FCU Installation

  1. Check that material used is as per material submittal i.e. type, make, model, size etc.
  2. Installation is a per drawings/details.
  3. There is no external damage, rust, chipped paint etc.
  4. Check the elevation & orientation are correct
  5. Sufficient space around FCU is available for operation and maintenance.
  6. Check FCU is well supported and Vibration isolators are installed.
  7. Pipes are correctly aligned and having flexible connectors installed.
  8. The valve package is installed / fitted as per schematic diagram.
  9. Check the union flange is installed to isolate the header easily.
  10. Ductwork connections are complete with flexible joints.
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