Electrical Switchgear Installation Method Statement for 11KV HV Panel

Below is a precise method of statement for electrical works, that explains and covers the installation & inspection of 11KV switchgear panels on already approved and ready base/plinth.

Switchgear installation shall be done in compliance with the project electrical specifications and switchgear manufacturer instructions.

Other documents, codes and references are given below that must be considered during and before the electrical switchgear installation works.

  • Project  specifications
  • General Requirements of Electrical Services
  • Local Electricity Regulations & Requirements
  • Approved material submittals
  • Relevant approved shop drawings
  • Relevant approved coordination drawings
  • Project construction schedule
  • Project QA/QC procedures – Quality Plan
  • Project HSE procedures – HSE Safety Plan

Health and Safety Precautions

Make sure the availability of adequate PPE for all workers / personnel.

Ensure erection engineer / competent personnel are involved in installation activities.

Make sure that work area is free from debris and any other obstructions.

Ensure the availability of suitable lifting equipment, all lifting equipment shall be certified and shall be having valid certificates.

Warning signs and other precautionary instructions/banners shall be displayed in and around the working area.

Signs indicating related hazards shall be posted whenever deemed necessary.

Extreme caution shall be exercised in handling heavy materials and equipment.

Quality Control RequirementsElectrical Switchgear Installation Method Statement for 11KV HV Panel

The equipment on arrival at site shall be inspected and checked against the relevant general arrangement drawing, approved material submittals and factory test reports etc.

Switchgear shall be checked for completeness i.e. all components are delivered as per equipment schedule.

Check if there is any physical damage occurred during the transport, if found should be recorded and reported.

Switchgear after accepting at delivery time shall be stored in clean, dry and well ventilated place.

Details on the name plates shall be checked to ensure these are as per the shipping documents.

Each cubicle shall be checked for the accessories.

The presence of all identifying and warning levels shall be checked.

Switchgear Installation Sequence

All material required at site shall be inspected, handled and stored properly.

Any discrepancies, damage etc., shall be notified and reported for corrective action.

Material found not suitable as per approved material submittal shall be removed from site.

Proper storage shall be provided as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

An inspection request shall be raised for consultant approval upon receipt of the material at site.

Suitable crane with capacity to lift the switchgear panel shall be used for placing the panels at the place of installation after the base frame is ready.

Positioning of Switchgear Panels

Installation area/room shall be verified and clearance to be taken that civil work has been completed and switchgear installation works can commence.

Check area is clean for the positioning of lifting crane and switchgear panels as per approved drawings

Extra precaution to be taken before lifting the panels & follow the manufacturers’ recommended procedure and use special lifting eyes.

For lifting purpose panels are fitted with four lifting lugs, which shall be used.

Lifting rope of appropriate load capacity with spring catches (eyebolt diameter: 30mm) shall be used.

Switchgear panels shall be lifted with an angle of at least 60 degree from the horizontal for the ropes leading to the crane hook maximum sling angle of 60 degree as per manufacturer’s recommendation.

Panel shall be hanged using all four eyebolts.

Points of attachment shall be checked for cracked welds or loose nuts and bolts before lifting.

Guide ropes shall be used to prevent twisting or swinging of the unit once it has been lifted clear of the ground.

Panels shall not be allowed to be lifted in high winds.

Switchgear panel units shall be placed down on the level surface capable of supporting its weight.

Locate the units/panels in the final location, panels shall be upright.

Switchgear panels shall be assembled as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Switchgear panels shall be installed on the base irons of ‘’C’’ profile shape set into concrete floor of switch room.

Cable support, cabling and terminations shall be completed as per approved drawings and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Installation of switchgear panels shall be offered for inspection and approval of the client/consultant.

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