Haul Truck / Dump Truck Safety, Loading and Dumping Procedure

Haul Truck Dump Truck Safety, Loading and Dumping Procedure

The purpose of this construction safety procedure is to provide safe operating instructions for haul truck and dump truck operators working on any kind of projects including building and road construction machinery. This Instruction applies to projects and offices where a company


Toolbox Talk Topics for 19 Activities

toolbox talk topics for construction project safety talks

Below we have listed 19 toolbox talk topics with briefing which should take place during the daily safety meeting. Below is table of content which is covered in this post about the safety meeting topics. Sun Safety Work at height Mobile scaffolds


Construction Project Site Clearance Method

Construction Project Site Clearance Method

The purpose of this method is to give guidance for the clearing operation for all site areas where clearing is required. Instruction applies to all areas and is not limited to clearing for dump areas, haul roads and pits. This safework instruction


Demolition Method Statement for Covered Walkway

Demolition Safework Method Statement

Below is a brief method statement that is for the demolition of existing covered walkway. Existing structure shall be removed completely, which is a cantilevered structure supported by steel elements and covered with roof tiles. Below is list of equipment for demolition


Chilled Water Piping Installation Pressure Testing & Insulation Method Statement

Method Statement For Installation, Pressure Testing & Insulation of Chilled Water Piping

This mechanical method statement covers the nature and type of work for the installation of chilled water CHW piping and Accessories in the project building and the frequency on which the inspections are to be carried out. The method also covers the

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