Street Light Pole Foundation Construction Method Statement

The purpose of this method statement is to describe the procedure and activities involved in the construction of Street light pole foundations in the project complying all contract requirements.

All quality control procedures to be implemented in systematic way, works shall be inspected, conformance verified and documented.

Applicable health and safety precautions are implemented throughout the progress of the work.

This method statement covers all the construction sequences involved in street light foundation works.

Prior to start the work, all required permits and clearances to be obtained from concerned authorities and the applicable PTW shall be available all the time at work location.

By using Total station, setting out of the street light foundation and Hand holes location shall be done by using approved drawings.

Detection of Under ground Utilities & Services:

Before starting any earth work, the area will be checked for any existing utilities, by electrical cable scanners, metal detectors and gas emission detectors, the findings report will be submitted to the consultant for further work activities if any necessary.

Necessary materials for the work include:

Approved Concrete Mix as per design

Steel Reinforcement

Anchor bolts,

PVC conduits and other consumables.

Arrange below listed tools & equipment before start of the work:

Water TankerDump TruckConcrete PumpTransit Mixers
Excavator/ JCBVibratorsPlate CompactorCanter
Air compressorBar Bending MachineReinforcement Steel Cutting MachineHiab
Dewatering Pump & systemsPipe sleevesAnchorsLifting hook

Health and Safety Requirements

The Excavation, backfilling and all other lighting pole foundation construction activities shall be carried out in accordance with the approved Project HSE Plan, applicable safety requirements and as directed by the client/consultant.

Safety Hazards& Precautions:

  • Prior to the commencement of the activities, the work force shall attend daily toolbox talk on project related site safety requirements. This tool box talk will include both activity and safety related issues as well as general safety practices being followed at similar other work locations
  • Site engineer will ensure that personal protective equipment PPE is worn by site personal at all times during construction activities.
  • All scaffolding shall be barricaded with steel tubing or pre-mounted safeguards railings. Always use safety harness when working at heights.
  • No worker shall work above 2 meters height scaffolding, until the scaffold is inspected by HSE officer and shall be attached with green tag.
  • During summer periods, provisions of adequate cool drinking water, shade and salt tablets and lemon will be in work site.
  • Adequate lighting shall be provided during night works and signage warning shall be illuminated at night operations.
  • Plant and equipment will be provided with back-up alarm, lights and all other applicable safety devices. Certificates of worthiness will be provided before the equipment is used.
  • All necessary PPE and safety gear will be worn at all times during the execution of work in full compliance with safety requirements i.e. Helmets, Safety shoes, Hand gloves and Safety Goggles.
  • Routine Safety checks will be made prior to commencement of every day work in order to ensure that materials and equipment’s are in safe working order in accordance with the project and site regulations.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Project Manager is responsible for overall site management including quality and safety requirements.

The Project Engineer is responsible for overall execution of the street light pole construction work, PM will coordinate with project Engineer to ensure all the scope related work activities and tasks has been allocated to the concern Engineers and supervisors as applicable. And to ensure all construction staff comply with project Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Management System requirements.

The Site Engineer is responsible for the supervision of all the above scope of work activity and will report to Project Engineer. He will ensure that the concerned work force is familiar with the activity and the site preparation activities are conducted according to the approved Method Statement and HSE requirements.

The QC Manager is responsible for ensuring that all the light pole foundation activities are carried out in accordance to the project Specifications.

The QC Engineer is responsible for implementing all the activities are carried out in accordance to the project Specifications and report to QC Manager.

Site foreman to ensure that the work crew is familiar with the safety and methodology requirements of construction activity and will report to Site Engineer.

The HSE Engineer is responsible  to ensure that the work progressing are in full compliance with HSE requirements and approved procedures and will report to QHSE Manager.

The HSE officer, along with his team, will ensure implementation of all HSE approved procedures related to the nature of the works being carried out. He will Report to HSE Engineer for his duties.

Sequence of Work for Street Light Foundation Works

Reinforcement & Formwork Fabrication:

Ensure all of the reinforcement to be used shall be free from grease and oily materials

The Cut and bend up reinforcement bars for the street light foundation shall be placed as per the approved drawings, necessary overlaps shall be provided as per the approved drawing and general notes wherever applicable.

Street Light Pole Foundation Construction Method Statement

Enough cover to the reinforcement shall be maintained throughout the structure as per the approved drawing.

Sufficient cover blocks, spacers shall be provided to maintain good cover to all the reinforcement placed.

Cover blocks shall be tied properly to arrest the displacement from their defined original position.

Floating form work for the collars shall be placed as per the drawing, with adequate supports to the anchor bolts to keep in position, line and level.

Excavation for Street Light Foundation:

Before starting the excavation the area of the excavation shall be backfilled as per the specification and well compacted to avoid collapse of the drill hole while / after excavation.

With respect to the location provided by the surveyor using excavation shall be done to the required size and level of Street Light foundation.

The excavated soil shall be stocked away from the drill hole to avoid collapse inside the drilled hole.

Upon completion of the excavation the excavated material shall be disposed to the designated location.

Ensure the drill hole is stable and no loose material is present aside.


while excavation through Agor in high water table areas the ground water may be encountered.

Drilling can be continued until the required depth of foundation is reached.

Rebar shall be erected followed by the form work and anchor bolts erection in the drill pit with water stagnation itself.

Once the erection of rebar is completed dewatering shall be commenced just before pouring the foundation concrete.

Upon the dewatering is completed and the pit is dry sweet water shall be used to wash the rebar in contact with the ground water before concreting, and the concrete pour shall proceed only after washing and removing the excess water only.

Concrete Mix Design:

Ensure that the concrete mix design used is approved by the consultant.

Prior to the the placing of concrete, ensure the concrete receiving surface is free from dust and other foreign materials.

Ensure inspections and approvals are obtained for Reinforcement, and utility services are approved through RFI (As per ITP) prior to the placing of concrete. As per approved ITP.

Ensure the Ambient temperature shall be less than 400C and the concrete temperature shall be less than 320

After obtaining the necessary permission to place the concrete, the pouring shall commence from the trans mixer to the foundation.

The compaction of concrete using needle vibrators shall be done properly to cover the entire area. Excessive vibration shall be avoided.

Necessary Quality control inspections and Concrete Cubes casting shall be done as per the approved ITP and documented.

After two hours of concreting the floating collar shutters shall be removed otherwise once the concrete is harden removal of shutter will be difficult and may damage the collar portion of the concrete.

The cast concrete element shall be either water cured with wet hessian cloth for seven days or by approved curing compound on the exposed collar portion only.

Grouting and finishing

Once the street light poles are erected the gap in between the base plate and the concrete foundation shall be grouted with approved grouting materials, shutters shall be used to achieve the required shape as per the approved drawing.

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