Method Statement for Cutting & Recasting Of Strap Beam

The purpose of this method statement is to define the procedure for sequence of works for removing the top 250mm of the cast beam without cutting any existing rebars installed followed by cleaning, fixing the beam-slab connection steel.

Survey & Marking: The surveyor shall mark out -3.9 levels on the beam. Concrete above this level shall be removed.

Grinder Cutting: A grinder cutter shall be used to cut along the marked line taking care not to cut the reinforcement rings

Breaking & Cleaning: The beam shall be chiseled to Level -3.9 along the edge cut. Hilti breakers, chisels and hammers shall be used.  Once the required level of the beam is reached the steel shall be brushed cleaned of loose concrete.

Fixing of Steel Reinforcement: When the adjacent slab steel is ready to be tied, the beam steel shall be rechecked using the latest shop drawing and any missing or loose bars shall be tied securely. The reinforcement bars shall be fixed in accordance to the approved shop drawings and project specifications. The quantity, bar splices, spacing, rebar sizes and bending shall be verified. The fixing work shall be checked to ensure that all rebars were fixed properly in the proper location. The slab / band beam reinforcement consists of a 12mm dia. L-bar and a 12mm Dia U-bar.

placement of L bars

The L-bar shall be drilled and grouted, as shown above, using Fosroc Lokfix as per the instruction in the data sheets.

placement of U Bars

As shown above, the placement of the U-bar shall be done with the slab reinforcement.

Side form spacers used shall be concrete block spacers and their sizes shall vary as per concrete cover requirement of steel. The steel fixing for the Post Tension Slab is described in detail in a separate method statement, Casting of Post Tension Slab and Slope.

All MEP installations shall be checked to ensure none are damaged. An air compressor shall be employed to clean the area and remove all the accumulated debris.

Details of casting the Post Tension Slab (slope filling, waterproofing, blinding, scaffolding, etc.) are included in a separate Method Statement – Casting of Post Tension Slab and Slope.

Pouring of Concrete and Curing

Since the cut beam is recast with the Post Tension slab, the procedure is described in a separate Method Statement – Casting of Post Tension Slab and Slope.

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