AC Air Duct Cleaning Procedure

The purpose of this air duct cleaning method is to remove the inert suspended matter such as foreign objects, moulds etc. Duct cleaning will be done until all suspended matter and loose debris are fully removed from the ducting network.

The maintenance or project manager is the overall responsible person for the process implementation of the air duct cleaning work. Also he will maintain the records and control of planning progress and coordination of works with client/contractor.

Proper safety harness to be used and secured as per the site requirements.

All personal protective equipment shall be used as appropriate according to the nature of the job.

Work places where personnel are working will be provided by barriers and warning signs indicating the nature of hazards associated.

Ensuring clean and healthy work environment as well as to maintain free access and egress in the event of emergency.

According to the work program, and planned site access availability at the respective work sites, appropriate staff, labor, equipment and materials will be mobilized to the duct cleaning areas.

The actual mobilization of staff, labor and equipment and the materials delivery schedule will be dependent on site access.

Below is list of tools and equipment for the air duct cleaning works.

  • PPE for all staff and labor
  • Measuring tape and setting out markers
  • Duct man’s tool box
  • Step Ladder / Scaffolding
  • Lifting Equipment / Duct Lifter / Crane

Site Plan & Preparation

Prior to the commencement of duct cleaning works, necessary equipment, tools and consumable requirements shall planned and arranged on site.

The supervisor and foreman will verify and ensure that all the safety requirements have been complied with and are in place.

Supervisor and foreman will inspect all the materials delivered to the work place and ensure that these are the required & approved materials.

The supervisor and foreman will orient and familiarize all the duct man and labors involved in the duct cleaning work regarding the relevant approved shop drawings, cleaning procedures and details, acceptance criteria and safety requirements.

Air Duct Cleaning Sequence

Cleaning of duct system, air inlets and air outlets shall be done with high power vacuum machines. Adequate access into ductwork for cleaning purposes shall be provided by contractor to workers.

Arrange necessary safety clothing/equipment as required i.e. overalls, safety boots, eye protection, gloves and correct respirators.

Conduct safety briefing. Discuss with client’s representative to ensure all possible hazards are identified and reported immediately if assistance is required for control of hazard.

Electrical items, pumps lights, pressure washers shall connected to a circuit breaker.AC Air Duct Cleaning Method Statement for HVAC Ducts & Accessories

Pre inspects to determine exact location and type of A/C equipment and if any access point is required. Place protection over furnishing and or equipment.

Remove all grills/vents and plug openings except for the one furthest away from the vacuum unit.

From the vent/grill furthest away, insert the selected cleaning tool to loosen the dust dirt and debris, which shall be pulled while working toward the vacuum containment equipment.

The AHU & FCU will be cleaned by wet or dry method depending on how dirty they are. Wet method includes the pressure washing of the coil and treatment of the coil by using approved chemical. The dry method includes the use of HEPA vacuums.

Use plastic sheeting on the ground while transferring or mixing chemical.

The contaminated dust & dirt removed from the system and equipment will be channeled through HEPA filtration in order not to contaminate the occupied spaces and shall be stored in sealed containers for further designated disposal.

Clean the grill, filters, coil and drip tray.

Make use of the existing access doors to minimize cutting of new openings in the ducts.

Ensure all dampers are left in fully open position.

Prepare an after service report.

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