Grease Trap Installation Procedure

This method of statement specifies the detailed requirements and procedures for the grease trap installation for the building or any kind of project.

Strictly follow the manufacturers Health & Safety recommendations for handling and use of the grease trap units and accessory materials.

Site team shall ensure that all the operatives are aware of the project hse requirements as per the project safety plan.

Site engineers and supervisors shall be responsible for the following:

Ensure that the works are carried out according to the Contract Specifications, approved method statement and the manufacturer’s material data sheets.

Provide all necessary information tools and distribute responsibilities to his team.

Monitor the progress of work in relation with the work program and to report to the project coordinator.

Co-ordinate with the safety officer and to ensure that the works are carried out in safe practicing methods.

The tools & equipment’s that will be engaged for grease trap installation are as follows:

  • Crane and appropriate slings
  • Pipe cutter/hacksaw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Spirit level
  • Technician Tools

Sequence of Activities for Grease Trap Installation

Make sure that material are approved as per material submittals and sizes and location are as per approved shop drawings.

All materials shall be delivered at site in standard manufacturer’s packaging. It shall be placed in dry, clean area and protected from weather.Grease Trap Installation Procedure

On arrival at project site Grease Trap units shall be inspected and approved by the consulting engineer also before shifting the same from the store yard to the installation place.

Make sure that during the shifting process of the Grease Trap unit from store yard to the installation place it is covered and well protected.

Ensure that the concrete encasement for the Grease Trap unit has been prepared/casted according to the dimension/details mentioned in the approved shop drawing.

Also make sure that all related plumbing piping works have been inspected and approved by the engineer.

Installation Procedure of Grease Traps

Install, arrange and position the grease trap in the prepared concrete pit as per the approved shop drawing.

Interconnect the units as per approved shop drawing using approved pipes and fittings and submit for inspection before backfilling.

After approval of the installation, it is important to fill the grease trap unit with water before final back filling and ensure that there is no leakage in the interconnecting pipes.

The final backfilling material shall be approved and be free from foreign materials such as builder’s waste, bricks, blocks and concrete.

The back fill shall be compacted to provide stabilizing medium for the units.

Install and position the concrete slab cover over the grease trap units ensuring that the concrete opening is aligned.

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