Diesel Generator Installation Method Statement

Below is a precise electrical method statement that describes the procedure for diesel generator installation on a project.

The work methods are summarized as follows:

Preparation of the Works

Delivery and inspection of Generator upon delivery at site

Setting out of works

Installation of Diesel Generator

Inspection of Generator Set

Below is list of tools and equipment:

  • Measuring tape and setting out markers
  • Electric drill hammer
  • Fitters tool box
  • Electricians tool box
  • Fork lift /Mobile Crane of sufficient capacity

Preparatory and Pre-Installation Requirements & Works

Confirm all services in generator room are completely installed.

Permission to commence diesel generator installation has been given by main contractor.

All preceding trades have completed their works.

Plinths are complete and have been checked for size and level as per approved construction drawing.

If applicable all structural openings have been approved and signed off.

Shop drawing for the relevant area, Generator installation details are approved by the consultant.

All materials required for Installations are available, and have been inspected and approved by the Engineer.

Area is clear and sufficient space available for installation.

Temporary lighting & power is available in location and protection settings are correct.

Details of installations, manufacturer’s recommendations and necessary technical support are available on site.

Diesel Generator Installation & Placement Method

Make sure that all pre-approved lifting plans are in place and all parties are aware of the activities that will be carried out.

Ensure that the installation of diesel generator set are carried out in accordance with manufacturer’s installation recommendation, requirement of applicable standards and in accordance with recognized industrial practices and specified in project specification to ensure that installation complies with all the requirements.

All additional fixing points for blocks and chains are to be fitted prior to any offloading is carried out and ensure all routes and areas within the generator room are clear.

Diesel generator will be lifted onto a low bed truck using a crane of suitable capacity from temporary storage area, it will be securely lashed to the truck to ensure there will be no movement  in transit.

The Truck will travel and reach the nearest accessible point to the generator room.

A forklift of sufficient capacity will be used to unload the generator from the truck.

The generator will be slowly lowered onto the platform near the door of the generator room from where it will be rolled up to the plinths using rollers.

Generator control panel shall be mounted as part of the generator set.

Alternator neutral terminal & body shall be connected with external earth and cable connection between alternator, control panel and emergency main distribution board shall be done as per approved shop drawing.

After installation of the entire unit of generator, it will be covered up ensuring maximum protection to prevent any possible damages during the construction period from construction debris, dust and paint.

Final installation will be certified by the manufacturer / representative.

Ensure that temporary lifting brackets and any other temporary fixings/materials is removed after installation is complete.

Starting system of the generator with battery & charger is factory installed on the Generator. Ensure all connections to terminals and mountings on Generator base are properly tightened and free from loose connections.

Residential type silencer to be installed in generator room incorporated to D.G. set flexible connection provided between diesel engine’s exhaust manifold and exhaust piping system to prevent transmission of engine vibration to building and piping.

The exhaust pipe rises up through the shortest possible route with minimum bends. All the fixings are of anti-vibration type and exhaust piping shall be Schedule 40 black steel with thermal insulation.

DG Set Pre Operational Inspection

Fuel piping installation from fuel tank to GENSET is completed.

Check whether the flushing of pipe is completed.

Inspect the water side connections (Engine and Radiator). Bolts and nuts must be properly tightened. Check if the installation is firm or rigid to avoid leakage.

Check the electrical and control connections as per instruction manual.

Conduct insulation resistance test of the generator.

Perform insulation resistance test for cable.

Check if the fuel pipe is filled with diesel fuel and air has been removed from the system.

Unscrew air vent pipe plugs to remove the air fuel tank should be filled with diesel fuel.

Check the availability of vibration Isolator. Isolator must be properly tightened.

Check the lube oil level is correct.

The installation shall be inspected in accordance and compliance with the design requirements.

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