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Preventive Maintenance Standard Procedures & Schedules (19 Procedures & 24 PM Schedules)

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If you are looking for preventive maintenance & breakdown maintenance program, plans and procedures then this is right place.

We are providing editable method statements and procedures that can help you for conducting the planned maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment's and systems.

Preventive maintenance is an essential part of any facility management works.

If you are maintenance contractor and looking for help with respect to structured management of all maintenance activities then our complete set of maintenance procedures shall help you.

On the other hand if your company provides defect liability services it also means that you can benefit from our electrical, hvac and mechanical maintenance procedures.

All our documents are in editable formats, that mean you can make any necessary changes and use for your company or project or for qualification purpose at bidding stage.

We are charging very nominal price for our maintenance package, which will give you complete setup of maintenance or FM department.

Below is list of documents that you shall get directly in your email after the order processing is complete.

Part 1: Editable standard maintenance procedures

Covering responsibilities and step wise guides including pictures as applicable. These procedures are in Word format and you need to add company logo, document number and revision number etc.

0- Preventive Maintenance Management Procedure

1- Copper Pipe Cutting Procedure

2- Procedure For Making Flare Joints

3- Brazing Procedure Using Oxy-Acetylene Brazing Set

4- Procedure For Making Swage Joints

5- Nitrogen Flushing Procedure

6- Refrigerant Gas Checking and Charging Procedure

7- Refrigerant Leakage Testing & Detection Procedure

8- Evacuation Procedure For Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration System

9- Refrigerant Compressor Replacement Procedure

10- Equipment Electrical Maintenance & Troubleshooting Procedure

11- Chiller Preventive Maintenance Procedure

12- Cold Storage Unit O & M Procedure

13- Window Type AC Unit Preventive Maintenance Procedure

14- Split AC Unit Preventive Maintenance Procedure

15- Ducted Split AC Unit Preventive Maintenance Procedure

16- Package Type AC Unit Preventive Maintenance Procedure

17- Chilled Water Pump Operation and Maintenance Procedure

18- Air Handling Unit (AHU) Operation And Maintenance Procedure

19- Fan Coil Unit (FCU) Operation and Maintenance Procedure

Part 2: Monthly Quarterly and Annual Maintenance Schedules

In addition to above mentioned preventive maintenance procedures below is the list of monthly, quarterly and annual schedules for different type of systems and equipment's.

Each file is in excel format and you can make any changes as per your company, client and manufacturer maintenance requirements.

  1. Air Handling Unit AHU Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  2. Air Extract Fans Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  3. Chiller Complete Preventive Maintenance Plan
  4. Control Valves Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  5. Diesel Engine Fire Pump System Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  6. Electric Fire Fighting Pump Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  7. Electric Water Heater Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  8. Electrical Panel Boards Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  9. Exhaust Fan Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  10. Fan Coil Unit FCU Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  11. Filtration System Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  12. Fire Alarm System Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  13. Fire Engine & Generator System Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  14. Fire Extinguishers Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  15. Fire Hose Reel Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  16. Fuel Tank Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  17. GRP Water Tank Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  18. Jockey Pump Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  19. Smoke Detectors Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  20. Sprinkler System Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  21. Sub Main Distribution Board SMDB Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  22. Sump Pits Periodic Inspection Schedule
  23. Thermostat Controller Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  24. Water Pumps Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Project Maintenance & Complaint Register

This register helps to keep track of all breakdown maintenance complaints i.e. date, time, location and status of completion and root cause of the problem.

All above documents are available for download after you make the online payment of $39 only.

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