Method Statement for Building Construction Site Leveling & Grading

Below is list of necessary tools and equipment for the site leveling and grading works.

Hand Tools

    • Hand Shovels
    • Plastic Buckets
    • Wheel Barrows


    • Earth Moving Equipment’s: Grader, Excavator, Shovel etc.
    • Tippers , Dump trucks
    • Roller Compactor, Plate compactor
    • Water tankers

Pre Requirements

Permit to Work (PTW) shall be raised for clearing, grading and levelling, clearly mentioning the location of work, size of area and levels.

Area shall be surveyed and marked to the lines and levels shown on the drawings.

The area of work shall be cordoned off using safety barricading to stop trespassers.

Assign sufficient banks man, helpers, and supervisors at the site prior to start of work.

Required sign boards such as “MEN WORKING” “DANGER” and warning boards will be placed to indicate the work.

Ensure the working area at any confined space is free from any Hazardous Gas by proper Gas testing using the Gas testing instrument.

Proper protection shall be provided to the adjacent structure prior to start work.

Fences and minor structures of any character or upon within the limits of the works and not necessary for the construction shall be removed carefully and stored neatly for reinstating after the construction works.

If any Survey points, bench marks, boundary stones and markings fouling on the area shall be removed only with the client’s written consent and shall be stored and reinstated according to consultant’s instructions.Method Statement for Building Construction Site Leveling & Grading

Check the area of work to find out any underground facilities other than listed in topographical survey by:

  • Using appropriate detective equipment, such as cable detector, metal detector etc.
  • Check existing exposed work nearby area to find out any existing underground facilities.
  • Refer available As-built drawings from the  client, other agencies, other contractors doing projects nearby areas and mark in the area.
  • Take trial/ test pits to find out existing underground pipes, structures.
  • Check the indication marks, signs, manholes nearby area and find out the path of services.

Site Leveling & Grading Procedure

Remove the top layer of soil approximately 300 mm depth which include vegetations, grass, rocks, and roots of vegetations. All rubbish, and any other unacceptable material.

Level the area with approved filling materials as per the requirement of projects and approved drawings.

During the progress of the leveling and grading work, the site shall be kept clean. All rubbish, surplus materials, and unneeded construction equipment shall be removed, and all damage repaired so that inconvenience is reduced to a minimum. The project site shall be kept in a sanitary condition.

Decontaminate the premises and grounds as necessary to prevent the breeding of insects or vermin.

Where material or debris has washed, flowed into, or been placed in drains, pipes, or structures, whether existing or installed under the contract, such material or debris shall be entirely removed and satisfactorily disposed off. The drains, pipes, structures, etc., shall be left in a clean and neat condition.

Removal and disposal of construction debris, all useless materials, rubbish, rocks, stones, excess/waste asphalt and concrete, excess/waste materials, shipping materials, rebar, and other metallic debris generated by the project or placed inside and outside the project site.

With the exception of areas to be excavated, all depressions made below and ground surface by the removal of rubbish or existing works shall be refilled with suitable material and compacted to the satisfaction of the consultant.

Levels shall be maintained as required by the project specifications and consultant.

Disposal and Hauling

Haul, load, transport the removed materials from the site and dispose in approved or designated dumping area.

Waste material shall not be allowed to blow or spill into any public or private property during transportation.

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