Testing & Commissioning Method Statement for Footfall Visitor Counting System

The User Acceptance tests will demonstrate that the system and related materials have been correctly installed and that the footfall system will operate in a manner that will enable client to accept it as a working system and proceed with the process of using it.

Purpose of the User Acceptance Tests (UAT) in this document is to assess the overall functionality of the footfall system as a single entity and of the relevant implemented services that will be operational at the time of project hand­ over.

Imperative  to the success of any implementation is verification that the solution works as designed, as intended, and in conjunction with other integrated systems and business processes.

This document provides a comprehensive suite of tests for each of the core components of the solution deployed.

The following sections will be covered  during the testing.

  • Isecure  footfall reports
  • Axis cameras for footfall system

Test Duration and working Hours

Expected duration of the UAT is estimated between two to four working days from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Any issues that arise as a consequence of the UAT Test Program will be entered in the Project Issues Log.

Upon successful completion of the UAT Test Program, a Completion Certificate will be produced where upon client is asked to accept the footfall setup.

The following assumptions are made before the time of testing:

  • Basic testing has been completed
  • Client’s representatives  are identified to participate in UAT.
  • All work detailed in the preparation and implementation guidelines complete.
  • Subcontractor’s engineers have sufficient administrative access to allow them to complete the tests.

Testing and Commissioning Plan

The following test schedule is the tests to be carried out. The specific details are included in the next section. The aim of the UAT tests is to primarily prove the footfall system is operational and manageable.

The Test must be witnessed by the client. Test results should be recorded in the Test Schedule table for general results and with specific details in the individual Test sheets.

If client identifies additional Tests that they require during the UAT Test Program, they must be, as applicable, managed through the change management process.

testing and commissioning plan for footfall system

Axis Camera Test

FootFall system Axis Cameras Connectivity and Operational Testing

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